Meet Hannah Wood; A senior at Houghton Academy graduating with the class of 2018.  Everyone who knows Hannah, knows she is a whole lot of personality packed into one adorable little lady.  Brock and Hannah happen to have moms who are best friends, and so the two of them have grown up together.  Brock has many fond memories of Hannah as a little girl.  He remembers her as being outgoing, independent and strong willed - and guess what, nothing has changed. She still radiates strength and determination.  We had such a fun time exploring Letchworth State Park, while catching up with Hannah and seeing the beautiful person she has become.  She is funny, thoughtful, and intelligent and filled with an inner beauty to match her gorgeous exterior.  
Though modest about her accomplishments, Hannah sure is not lacking of them!  In school she has been involved in many extra curricular activities includung music, drama and cheerleading, and is even currently the caption of her cheerleading squad.  The brains match the beauty as Hannah is also a member of the National Honor Society. Hannah is a determined goal oriented girl - she is the kind of person who will decide what she wants to do, and go do it.
The daughter of Sherri Witter Wood and Daniel Wood, Her parents have instilled hard work and dedication in her, and most importantly given her the love and guidance that makes her the genuine, happy and caring person she is today. As Hannah set out into the next chapter of life, she has a lot of love and support from her friends and family.  We know we can't wait to see what the future holds for her.  After her senior year, Hannah wants to study to be a Nurse Practitioner, so stay tuned and watch this beautiful girl as she chases her dreams!

Also - perfect hair.