It feels like the end of an era as we say goodbye to these huge toy stores.  As a child, nothing was more exciting than walking through these doors after you got a card with a $20 dollar bill in it for a birthday, or Christmas.  It's an overwhelming joy of shelf after shelf filled with every toy you can imagine.  I'll never forget the influx of Geoffrey the girraffe commercials around the holidays with the catchy jingles and ads for the season's hottest toy! 
As a mother I love seeing my children's face light up when we pull into the driveway.  It's so fun to watch them slowly shop around and wander through every aisle of the store comparing their options before they finally settle on their prize.  Undoubtedly the toys end up opened before we even pull out of the parking lot.  
We'll be sad to say goodbye to Toys "R" Us and the magical feeling it creates in a child.  We decided to have a family outing and take one last spin around Geoffrey's stomping ground with our Toys "R" Us kids!