We pretty much adore this family, and not just because they are stylish, beautiful and have amazing smiles which makes them a dream to photograph.  We enjoy them because this family is one that we have had the privilege to photograph a few times now and we are always struck by the love between them all.  The kids all admire each other and have fun being together and their parents radiate love for their children and for each other.  This is a family of big smiles and fun nature.  

Growing with a family is always one of the best things about doing what we do.  We feel honored to take photos that are cherished through the years.  The ones hanging on the walls and sent out on christmas cards.  Being able to capture time in these moments and give them a snapshot of a time in their life is a pretty awesome task, and its one that we feel blessed to do.  Watching the children we photograph grow through the years is a pretty special thing!

This session at Harley school in Rochester happened on a crisp fall day.  The leaves were changing and dropping all over the ground for us to throw, jump in and crunch beneath our feet.  Add peak foliage, the sun shine and these cute faces with adorably coordinated outfits and you get this perfect session below!