There is no better way to start this out than by saying what a great father Omar is!  When this family piled out of the car we were so immediately impressed by how put together they all looked.  I mean seriously, these are some suave fellows!  As the day continued we found ourselves equally impressed with how well behaved and put together the kids were as young men and how gentle, fun and good natured they all were as a family.  It was obvious how much love flowed between them by how genuinely they enjoy being together.  
At one point I asked to get a photo of the three brothers together and they just turned and bear hugged each other and it was hard not to tear up.  It was such a genuine and tender moment and I have so much respect and admiration for Omar for raising them to be such beautiful young men!
We photographed them as they skipped rocks, played in the water and raced down the beach in a heard of puppies (yup you read that right).   Cupcake, their French bulldog is the mom of 5 boys of her own.  It was quite a surprise when they opened the back hatch of the car and we laid eyes on these adorable little pups!  

This sunset session on Durand Eastman beach was wonderful from start to finish.  Photographing a family that loves each other the way this one does is what we LOVE to do.  Add in sand under our feet, a ton of playful moments and a pack of puppies.... well thats just about as good as it gets.