What a sweet family this little trio is.  The Clapp's love spending time together and we joined them and had a such a nice time enjoying the warm weather and toddler giggles. Walking through the fields, and down dirt roads, we drank in the summertime evening.  It was so nice to catch up with Candace and Josh but I have to say, we especially enjoyed our time with Aria who is such a little beauty, with such a sweet personality.  Aria loves being outside and I laughed at her independent streak as she insisted on walking through grass that was as tall as she was; in the end I was impressed with her perseverance as she did indeed make her way across the meadow and popped back up with determination each and every time she toppled over.  She was so inquisitive, and not content to just sit in front of the camera, she wanted to see the camera, see how it worked and press the buttons for herself.  She took some pictures of her mom and dad and the delight on her face after she clicked the button and then saw the picture on the back of the screen was absolutely adorable.  In her free time, Aria enjoys singing and hanging out with her parents (and now maybe photography?).

Enjoy this sweet session of a beautiful little family we are lucky enough to know.