We met with the Holt Family on late summer evening at Indian Fort Nature preserve for this adorable family session.  The minute Everly stepped out of the car, we were oohing and ahhing over her huge blue eyes, chubby little cheeks, and sweet strawberry blonde hair.  We clicked away at our cameras as she ran, and explored which made catching glimpses of her smile and laughter an easy task. We had such a good time laughing along with the Holts and we love getting to catch the tender moments between families.  We feel blessed to be present and capturing as new parents watch their child with pride, holding her, kissing her rosey red cheeks and making her shriek with laughter as they bounce her into the air.  As Everly picked flowers and found rocks, she excitedly gifted them to her parents.  Looking through the photos I enjoyed smiling all over again at these moments.  The day of the session, we spent a lot of time watching Everly, but looking back through this session what really stood out to me is something I wasn't focusing on the day of the session; Bob and Jillian's love for each other. Bob wears his admiration all over his face and he looks at her with so much love and appreciation in his eyes.  Happy families are born out of the best love stories and in this family happiness was abundant.