The Whiteside family just got a little bigger!  With the birth of Connor, we get to celebrate family, and enjoy seeing Paisley in all her glory as she proudly shows off her little brother. Welcoming a second baby into the house is such a joyful experience!  Watching your family grow, and watching the bond of love form between your children is such a proud feeling - and one Brad and Stacie are feeling as they watch Paisley transition into a big sister.  She joined in with enthusiasm as I photographed baby Connor and she was very excited to tell me all about him and show me his room.  Connor is such a loved little boy.   We already adore his sweet little face, and I can't get over his diverse facial expressions!  We feel so lucky to be a part of this little guy's life and we couldn't be happier for Brad, Stacie and Paisley as they cherish these first days with baby Connor.    

Check out this adorable little guy and his doting sister and puppy.  

P.S. The yellow outfit used to be his daddy's!