Rylan Moses was born into a large, lovely family.  The youngest of 5, he was welcomed into a home full of little helpers.  His father not only is a hard worker, but a hero, as he finds time between work and being a daddy to volunteer his time to the local fire department.  His mommy, a biological mother of 5, and a neighborhood mom to countless others, probably never can find time!...  But she would have it no other way.  She is the kind of woman who was made to be a mother, she is nurturing and patient and you can see that reflected in her children. They are all happy, sweet children, with the cutest twinkles in their eyes.  Amy and Tyler have been together since their teenage years.  I think the key to the success in their relationship is that they really work together.  Its common to see Tyler riding a bike with a baby trailer in tow.  When the family is out and about, one is usually wearing a baby while one is chasing around the bigger kids.  Having a large family means plenty of responsibility to go around, and when you share in the responsibility, you get to also share in the joy!  Having a best friend to laugh with, who also happens to be your spouse... How lucky is that?  There is no denying that the Moses gang is a cute bunch!  Congrats on the newest addition!