Whimsy roots photography

Whimsy roots photography

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A $20.00 mileage charge applies to all sessions taking place outside of a 20 mile radius of the zipcode 14510

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I love photographing a family, my favorite part of family photography is capturing the little moments in between.  The laughter, the play, the genuine joy that being a family brings

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Portraits are fun!  A chance to get dolled up and get some fun shots that show off your personality and style!


Senior portraits
starting at 190

We now offer wedding photography, engagementsessions, couple sessions and boudoir photography under our new brand



please visit us at Lass & Beau for all things love and wedding

Weddings are about partnership, family and fun.  You're special day is filled with the faces of the people you care about most.  Capturing these happy times and freezing these memories for you is what wedding photography is all about!  


what to expect

what to expect


If you are either considering booking or have booked a future session with us, you may be wondering what to expect and what a typical session might look like. 

Typically our session will take place outside, in a mutually agreed upon location.

We live in such a beautiful area and we're lucky to be so close to so many lovely areas and beautiful parks; including but not limited to Letchworth, Stonybrook, Al Lorenz county park, The Mt. Morris Dam and many other waterfalls, creeks,  meadows and fields.  We will usually try to choose a place that will give us multiple options for backgrounds during your session and that will provide us with some beautiful backdrops. If you have suggestions about locations, don’t be shy! Speak up!

My sessions are a mixture of lifestyle and posed photography.

I try to capture photos of my subjects interacting and having fun, so don’t be afraid to dance, skip, twirl and laugh! Photo sessions are never rushed. I want you to enjoy the experience.  I will also spend some time trying to use some posing ideas to get an interesting, yet more traditional family photo. If you want something else, feel free to ask! Input from you is very helpful to me when planning and conducting your session.

 Our session will usually last between 1-2 hours.

It makes for a less stressful session if we give ourselves permission not to rush. Depending on the type of session we are doing, we may be shooting at more than one location. Most often we are at least covering a few spots within a large park and will want to allow time to get around.

*Due to the length of the sessions, please bring snacks (especially if you have little ones in your group) in case someone is hungry.]

The best time of day to do outdoor sessions is typically in the few hours before sunset or in the couple of hours following sunrise.

This does not mean that I never do sessions at times other than these, but I am aware that these times lend themselves to finding some beautiful light and I usually strive for that.  If we are doing a session during other times, we may have to work a little harder to find areas with the appropriate light.

Feel free to bring something that would make sense to have in your photo with the person/people being photographed.

If this is a child/family, I suggest bringing their favorite lovey or stuffed animal or their favorite book. 

For couples, I find that its fun to incorporate something that they have in common, or a blanket for snuggling in!

Seniors can bring things that represent their interests. If you play music, bring your guitar. If you draw, bring a sketch book with some of your work and a pencil. If you participate in anything in school that you wear a uniform for, you may want to wear it for a small portion of your senior session.

Regardless of what kind of session we are doing, feel free to bring items that represent you! 

Get ready to laugh, snuggle up, and have fun!

I love making my clients snuggle, nuzzle into each other and gaze into each others’ eyes. It may sound silly, but I find that this kind of connection loosens clients up and makes them laugh…. and if I can make my clients feel like their photo session was a fun experience and their images capture them, then we will end up with some really wonderful photos!

People often ask what they should wear

My biggest piece of advice is to be yourselves!! Don't worry so much about everyone matching perfectly and don't be afraid to let everyone's unique style and personality show. 

Layers are great, even in the summer. layers add interest, and allow you to change a look quickly by adding or removing them (think hats, scarves, belts, jackets, vests, leggings, jewelry, ties, layering shirts).

After your session…

You can expect to see a sneak peek photo on the Whimsy Roots facebook page within 3 days!  Sessions are delivered approximately 4 weeks after the session tales place.   The images are loaded onto a website that allows you to download all of the full resolution files of your session in one click!   At this time you will also receive the print release to your photos.





whimsy roots photography

whimsy roots photography